0-6 Pack Abs Review

So, if you are a man weighing about 80 kilograms and 10% body fat, your fat tissue reserves of the order of 8 kg. 14 kcal x 8 = 112 kcal deficit. This means a loss of adipose tissue at the level of only 0.5 kg per week. If the speed is higher, there is a risk of losing lean muscle 0-6 Pack Abs Review http://www.ynedus.com/2015/12/0-6-pack-abs-review.html mass.

Now, take for example the guy weighing 130 kg and 37% content of fat in the body, which corresponds to 47 kg of fat mass in general. 14 kcal x 47 kg of fat = 1442 calories a day, which is close to the desired 0.5 kg of fat per day, which can be removed fairly safe way to health - 2.9 kg per week, to be exact ... and here they are, our the unknown numbers! So, how to lose 0.5 kg of fat per day: 1) suffer from obesity (or being, at least, a very big man) b) create a significant deficit of 1700 calories a day.

This study was published in the Journal of Theoretical Biology, so I guess you can say that these data are somewhat speculative or estimated. However, they are consistent with the results of other scientific studies which are quite clearly shown that obese individuals can lose body fat faster than slim people (which is why nutrition program and the more long-term goals should correspond to body type person, taking into account also the initial fat percentage organism).

That is why bodybuilders competing in preparation for performance are trying to lose no more than 0.5 kg of fat per week - that is purposely set a very small rate of discharge of fat. And that's why the participants of the project "Global weight loss" can drop by 2.7 kg of fat per week, or even more (add to that the water, which is also included in the total weight loss, and get a truly dramatic double-digit at the end of the week). So can people who are obese, get rid of 15 kilograms of fat (not just weight) for 30 days?

Probably yes, although it will not be easy. Some people with very large excess weight will not be able to perform the required amount of exercise to achieve the required level of calories, so while a purely biological point of view they are able to lose fat, they will not be able to achieve this in reality.